Clean Your Space, Clear Your Mind

Kitchens, Pantries, Closets, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Toy Rooms, Basements, and Garages are just a few areas that we can work on with you to regain control and create systems.
We understand that sometimes you need a little extra TLC in your office/small business. We will discuss your pain points, how you would ideally like your space to function, and create systems while working alongside you to edit your space and implement these systems to streamline functionality.
Allow Our Team at Sunshine's Organizing Solutions to take care of the Unpacking and create systems for you right from the start. After talking with you about the expectations for your home we will get to work to create a good flow right from the beginning. Welcome Home
We want to help preserve your family history and memories. Photos, home movies, and memories deteriorate from not being properly and safely stored away. Allow us to protect your family's history by digitizing your photos and home movies for generations to come.

Our Philosophy

We believe the only way to run our business with the integrity. Every client can expect exceptional service and a sunny disposition!! We’re grateful you chose to work with us ☀️


Thank you for stopping by. I'm so excited you're here and can't wait to share Sunshine's Organizing Solutions or SOS for short, with you.

We help people declutter and organize their homes.

I know that even thinking about inviting a stranger (soon to befriend, I hope) into your house can be super intimidating so why don't we break the ice and get to know each other. I'll go first

My name is Amy Sunshine Wollack, yup, that's really my birth given middle name. I'm a mom of 2 Kiddos, 1 girl, 1 boy and 2 kitties also 1 girl and 1 boy, they were our Covid kittens.

I started my business in January 2020 when I realized Organizing was that thing that makes me not feel like It’s even “work” because I love it so much. I get so much fulfilment and joy from helping others and seeing the finished product! It’s like playing a real-life game of Tetris and channelling my inner Macgyver. I mean pinch me - am I dreaming !?!

I didn't always know that I LOVED to organize though, I guess I just thought everyone enjoyed loading a perfect dishwasher. When I started bartending I appreciated knowing I had everything I needed exactly where I put it and being prepared to be the most efficient and crazy busy me that I could be. My customers loved moving a cup of napkins just slightly or taking it off the bar all together to mess with me, HA! I ALWAYS noticed!!

Don't let this fool you though, I'm a normal person just like you and can get unorganized and overwhelmed when my life gets hectic running my household, driving kids here and there and running a business. I'm not perfect, nor is my house, but everything does have a home and it can be whipped together at a moments notice. The long short of that is I won’t be silently judging you.


Next, You don’t have to know where to start or how to get started, don’t worry we’ve got you! If you aren't familiar with Professional organizers then you are probably really curious what it will look like when we work together. What exactly does a professional organizer do? Better yet, How do they do it, What will this process look like? I'm glad you asked.

1. The Consultation

We start with a consultation, it can be in person or we can do it virtually. We'll talk about the space, the challenges, how you would like it to run and discuss some ideas to get you there. I'm always happy to reuse any bins or organize products that you already have, however, if you want a whole new look or don't have any I'm happy to recommend some of my favorite products to you and can even shop for them.

2. Team Effort

We know your time is valuable so whenever possible we tackle the job as a team session. This means there will be two of us so the hours are still the same but were able to get the job completed in fewer visits while giving the same great customer service.

(For every one hour of time organizing you will be billed two, that's one hour for each organizer)

3. The Edit

Having the client work along side us really is key to keeping things moving right along. The client is imperative in deciding what stays, what gets donated, recycled or is trash.
We remove everything from each cabinet, drawer, closet and space. Everything gets sorted In  groups of like items, we vacuum and wipe down every area.

4. Almost done

Once we've gone through each and every space we decide what's the best flow for the area and your lifestyle and what solutions are needed to make it work. Then we put it all back in the most efficient way.

While picture-perfect is always the goal, I believe that above all it MUST be functional for your family.

5. Bonus

We will haul away a carload of donations at the end of each day so you don't have to worry about it.

We will also bring the garbage to the curb or garage for you.

We go through and check all food and medicine expiration dates

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What Our Customers Say

I reached out to Sunshine Solutions to redo my pantry prior to Covid. Amy did an amazing job. I was comfortable leaving her in my home with little direction or guidance on what I wanted or needed. It’s been almost a year and my pantry still looks great and is very functional plus easy to keep organized.

Spa Bleu

Amy has always been an amazing, smart and talented organizer. The systems she has put in place in our home and our office have been life saving!! I fully recommend her for any aspect of your lives. Home, office, relocating to a new home, classroom, minimizing clutter to list your home for sale, no space to large or small! Seriously give her a call.

Dana M

Amy came to my house and organized my kitchen pantry. She took the time to talk with me about what I need and created a system that worked best for me and my family. She was also very conscious of my budget. It’s been two months and my pantry is still organized thanks to Amy!! ☀️☀️

Kate C

Amy is awesome! She helped organize our kitchen and living room. My son also loved working with her to organize his always messy desk.

Lisa H

I loved it so much that while our salon and spa business was closed down for 3 months due to Covid. She organized closets , office space and storage spaces in our business locations. I again felt comfortable leaving her in our locations. She wore a mask and maintained social distance. Thank You

Tammy C

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